Meet Positives Puts Herpes Into Perspective With Some Dating Tips



Meet Positives Puts Herpes Into Perspective With Some Dating Tips




For those of you who do not know, Meet Positives is a dating site that allows you to meet other men and women who have the same ailment you do9herpes). Bringing herpes into a discussion is never an easy thing to say about since there is no known cure(as of right now).


That means that once you contract herpes 1 &2, that virus is going to stay in your blood until there is a cure or until you die. Sobering thought, With that in mind, I wish to impart some dating tips for you to take into consideration(whether this is your first date or tenth).


1)Dating Life Over?


Contrary to popular belief, your dating life is not officially over. There are ways to work around this predicament. Yes, there might be a few people who are put off by this, and you do need to consider that. However, you will find that a majority of people are going to be understanding(especially when you use this site). That is why it is suggested that you do use this site, so there are no awkward moments. Everyone on the site knows what they are getting into.


2)Transparency Is The Order Of The Day


On the one hand, everyone on the site does know what they are getting into. However, you still have to the transparent and open about your situation. Not everyone is going through the same herpes situation as you. That is why you have to be honest with whomever you date on the site. Lack of transparency will cause your situation to fall apart very quickly. It might also cause you to get an unnecessary reputation on the site. Word spreads quickly concerning those who lie to their partners about their sexual history. For more details click on herpes dating.